SymLinks + Dropbox = AWESOME!

8 years ago in Articles, How do I?, Neat & Nifty by Brent | 8 Comments

I was just recently informed of the SymLinks function in assosiation with DropBox. I know, I should have probably known this already, but I didn’t. This is seriously cool. You can back up any folder on your computer to dropbox. Sweet!

And yes… I said “BOOM!”

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  • chimpsahoy

    Last week I just dragged my entire documents folder into Dropbox instead of using SymLinks. This would have been much easier – thanks for the tip.

  • ol.

    Well, you juste created a symbolic link to your folder in your dropbox folder… It doesn't backup your files. Basically, you just created a link.
    See more:

  • brentspore

    Sure looks like its backing up to me. Im sitting here with my iPad and my computer isn't connected right now. I just pulled up a file from my SymLinked documents folder via the drop box app. All is there 🙂

  • Windows Deserter

    It does work … I don't understand why (recently converted 20 year Windows user) but it definitely does. The dropbox / Mac gurus say that linking library and apps can end in tears, however for music / docs / photos / movies / etc (content) it's fine.

    I agree … AWESOME!

    No time machine and external disk for me 🙂

  • Dan

    Can you just explain how to undo this link, in case someone wants to take these files out of DropBox again?

  • Brent Spore

    Just delete the Symlink folder (NOT the actual folder, the symlink folder should have a little arrow in the lower left corner)

  • Rr89
  • Gary

    What is the difference between a symlink and a standard alias. In you movie, the symlinked folders appears to have the standard alias arrows on the icons. If there’s no difference, than simply Option-Command drag the Documents (or any item) to the Brent folder will create an alias.

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