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[before you ditch this article, please add your iPad thoughts in the comments. We have a couple months before this thing is available, let’s chat about it]

Did you see Steve’s presentation today? I didn’t as I was in route to a client meeting. Nevertheless I have read the reviews, gawked at the images and soaked up your tweets as much as any human could in my position. I have a couple thoughts about this whole iPad thing…

1. “Magical” really? Since when did magical come into marketing lingo again? It’s not all THAT magical (in my humble opinion), since we have had the iPhone and iPod Touch for several years now but ok, whatever floats your boat.

2. It’s just a big iPod Touch!!! I am just as big of an Apple enthusiast as the next guy but there’s nothing in this big device different from an iPod Touch other than size, right?

3. ok, yeah, it’s friggin sexy! I do love the sleek, sexy, awesome opportunities this larger iPod offers. I’m a dreamer and I honestly do believe in it’s future.

4. No Multitasking?!?!? WTF!?! You expect me to read my email, website, ebook, RSS feed, or whatever WITHOUT at least listening to Pandora or Last.fm? This is worth $500+ … not so sure.


6. Where’s my iSight? I could live without the forward facing camera (for a bit) but a letter sized iSomething without video iChat capabilities?? What the heck were you thinking??


I say #7 just to set the record straight. I most likely won’t be buying THIS version of the iPad but I do believe in the steps that Apple has made to bring this to market. It’s got all the promise of the iPhone and all the awesome that is Apple mixed with the (hopefully not last) bit of pepper Mr. Jobs has to bring to the planet. I’m all over this innovation and can’t wait to get one, but I can wait till at the very least, it gets an iSight.

That’s all I got, add your juice below…

  • http://chuckreynolds.us Chuck Reynolds

    waiting for 2nd gen 🙂

  • http://djsteen.com/wp djsteen

    I agree with all of your points, Brent.

    More specifically, I see myself owning one, but probably not this iteration at those (competitive, but not completely jaw-dropping) prices.

    I think they did a great job by offering unlimited 3G access without a contract. While phone companies do much more than sell phones/minutes these days, this is not something everyone wants to be locked in to (again).

    Being unlocked it also rad, because I'm sure a lot of people are going to enjoy not using AT&T (in America; in Australia the iPhone is available on every carrier).

    The model announced today has a lot of potential! I tweeted earlier today that I think it would be amazing for photographers to connect (via cable or wirelessly) to their dSLR cameras. Imagine using the display of the iPad to get a tack-sharp focus, using the GPS in the iPad to geotag the EXIF of each image, using a photo editing app on the iPad, and then uploading the complete photographs straight to Flickr (and other sites).

    The same could be done for video. Imagine streaming live via a 7D. Who needs an iSight now? 😉

  • http://twitter.com/iSamurai Kyle Cherry

    #4 and #5 really turned me off, further enforcing #2, that said I'm still extremely excited for it.

  • redcherries22

    I agree. I think they have taken a step in the right direction with it. Not sure if flash will *ever* be added to ipod touch/ipad but I do wish that you could exit music apps and keep hearing music while using other apps. That'd be so nice!

  • http://twitter.com/iSamurai Kyle Cherry

    the difference between ipod touch and ipad is the popout menus, and the books. I still think I'd much rather use a kindle for reading, the buttons versus swiping the page to turn, and the e-ink is way easier on the eyes. Being able to change font is kinda need though I must admit. As soon as I read no flash I was extremely upset, you can't tout it as a fully complete web surfing experience until you support flash. I don't know what their problem is as far as adapting it to iPhone and iPad, its just ridiculous. No multi-tasking is weak, I'm fine if they limit it to 2 or 3 apps at a time, but if I'm working in iWork on something and want to search the web for some info or something, how does that work? I'd like to see that. the iPhone apps at iPhone size on the iPad look stupid, but I'm sure that'll be fixed in no time as developers start adapting to the iPad. the no-contract cheap 3G is pretty big, but 130$ more for 3G kinda sucks. that's all I can really think of right now

  • http://djsteen.com/wp djsteen

    I guess Apple is trying to kill Flash. I'm all for that as long as sites like Viddler, Flickr, Vimeo, etc offer alternatives for viewing on iPhone/iPad.

  • http://twitter.com/iSamurai Kyle Cherry

    What's the alternative though?

  • http://semidailydose.blogspot.com/ Mike Jones

    “No multitasking” alone makes the iPad a poor netbook competitor. And if it's not a netbook competitor it becomes an iPhone/iPod Touch competitor—I'm sure not a place Apple wants to be.

  • http://www.twitter.com/justjoelyn Joelyn

    I agree. If they add a webcam (or camera), would be nice. I think its intentionally for readers (?) but true Apple fans will get it… My Nexus One has 1GHz… and its a phone! :o)

  • http://khurt.com/ Khürt

    Firefox, Chrome and Safari support HTML5 which render flash and possibly other browser plug-ins irrelevant. YouTube and Vimeo are encoding video for HTML5 and abandoning Flash. Others will follow.


  • http://khurt.com/ Khürt

    How do you know e-ink is easier on the eyes compared to an IPS display? Do you have an iPad to compare?

    If that had offered only a 3G version would you be complaining about the “extra” $130?

  • http://khurt.com/ Khürt


  • http://khurt.com/ Khürt

    I though netbooks were for simple tasks like web browsing, reading email etc. Which of those tasks require multi-tasking?

    Apple has always introduced products that destroy its existing products before competitors have a chance to.

  • Spencer

    I agree as well. I'm not sure if I will get one, possibly though.

  • Leo

    I’m not very excited about this at all. Honestly, it’s an iPod touch that is too large to carry around in your pocket. It’s capacitive touch screen means I need to go buy a special stylus or figure an easy way to swipe this thing across my jeans to clean all the fingerprints off of it.

    If I have to have a bag to carry around my electronics (I don’t really believe in the man-purse, myself.) I’d be more likely to carry around an actual notebook. I understand that a netbook doesn’t excel at anything other than size but I have a hard time seeing where this thing will excell. It is another gadget I would have to go out of my way to carry around.

  • Jason R

    I totally agree with all your points… although, I don't get hung up on the “it's just a big iPod Touch” thing. Yeah it may be, but that's frickin cool.

    The no multitasking and no iSight really is a showstopper for me. I say that, but as I pulled up Apple's marketing video from th iPad site last night, my wife turned to me and said “when are we getting one?” IF I do get one, it'll be the wifi only, as I will probably never leave the house with it. I see it more of a household hub that can we can deploy on it's kickstand in the kitchen, as well as something we can pick up and lounge on the couch with to read a book, surf, publish blog posts etc… I really would like to see a camera for skype/iChat video chats though. I'd also like to see Apple come out with more home automation devices/software that can be run from the iPad (security, energy monitoring, etc), so I can utilize it has a home console.

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  • http://www.adrianmcmillan.com WeaponII

    You know what kills me? All that real estate wasted. I will be very upset if you can only fit 16-20 icons on the screen (not counting the “dock” at the bottom). That's just insane!

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