Notebook Gift Ideas

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This year, if you’re looking to give someone a gift for a notebook-owning machead, we’ve got some great suggestions:

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  • James Fleeting

    Although the mStand is nice, I just bought a Griffin Elevator and its a great stand.

    The WD My Passport is a must for any laptop. I just bought the Titanium Passport Elite for my mbp and its been great. It is soo small and light. Plus usb powered so its ultra portable.

  • hellodon

    The wireless keyboard makes me sad. I really want the wireless part, but why did they have to take away half of the keys!? I dunno about you Justine, but I use my F16-F18 keys as Expose buttons since they reassigned F9-F11 to be controls that I don't need. I just can't get used to using 'fn'. I also use my number pad quite regularly! Why Apple!!!??? WHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!! Give me a wireless keyboard like the one I'm typing on just without the wires. You did it before! Why screw it up this time!?

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