• http://timheuer.com/blog/ timheuer

    Luckily, for any iMovie 08 customer, you still can download and run iMovie 6HD for free from Apple.

  • http://www.hummingcrow.com Cheryl Colan

    Wardy, according to MacWorld's iMovie08 review, released around the start of 2007, “third-party plug-in support has been lost—old plug-ins don’t work, and there is no API for new plug-ins in iMovie ’08.” Can you point to some documentation of Apple adding back an API for third-party developers? Or explain how to install and use plugins with iMovie08?

  • Wardy Miller

    You are correct and I adjusted the post. You have taught me a valuable lesson, not to try to answer posts while at work.

    Again thank you.

  • CharlieZ

    Any confirmation of iMovie 6HD still be available to iLife 09 users?

  • bob

    so there aren't any video effects on 08? no fast forwarding or anything?

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