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Bumper cases Bumper cases If you have been following the history of the iPhone, I’m sure you remember the famous Antenna Gate with the release of the original iPhone 4. The problem was if ...

Toolboxes Toolboxes Many people use their computers for a multitude of things. Some just want to surf the internet and check email. These aren’t the people I am addressing here. The people ...

Name your price for the UX Heroes Prototyping Bundle Name your price for the UX Heroes Prototyping Bundle THIS IS HUGE! (I totally just bought this) UX Heroes has announced a great offer on several web apps for UX designers. This visual prototyping bundle extends a HUGE discount on some ...

LiveView + iOS Design = Awesome! LiveView + iOS Design = Awesome! Recently I was contracted to re-design an iPad application. This was a fairly typical UX/UI redesign project where we had to look through an existing application and do the best ...

HotGloo: My new favorite wireframing tool HotGloo: My new favorite wireframing tool Recently, I started using HotGloo for my UX/Wireframing projects. Being a HUGE OmniGraffle fanboy, this was a tough switch but I was looking for something that allowed me to wireframe ...

iBAM 2.0… FINALLY! iBAM 2.0… FINALLY! It only took more than forever for me to launch this new design. I kept trying to make everything perfect and this morning finally said "Screw it! I'll flush out ...

BannerZest Pro BannerZest Pro In my "spare" time I like to work on websites, and since time is limited I like to use tools that help me along the way, but still provide great ...

SXSW: Design is in the Details SXSW: Design is in the Details "Design is in the Details" Naz Hamid - Co-Founder & Creative Director URL's All in all a very informative session. Naz has a really great approach to design. One of which I truly ...

  • rob_c

    looks great. I love Buffet Script. I just used it for our latest training video's logo and packaging, “The Guest”.

  • devinreams

    Slick work, man. I think the 'less i' version is pretty clever actually.

  • frak


  • callkathy

    What do I think? Gorgeous as always! You are so gooooood. Wishing I could afford to have you do redesign on some of my older sites!

  • jomilla

    Looking good!

  • Jorge Quinteros

    Color and type look great! Had no idea you even knew Justine. Lucky you!

  • Izzy Video

    Brilliant as always!

  • Daynah

    The logo is quite beautiful!

  • Denis Sinelnikov

    Great Job! Logo looks awesome!

  • Raid Recovery

    I like Ijustine's logo of T-shirt.

  • Desktop computers

    hi, looking awesome..

  • Nursing schools Utah

    nice baby..looking so nice.

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