Caption Fun #1

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Caption contests are usually pretty fun, so I figured we would have one here on iBAM once in a while whenever I find a pic that I deem “caption-worthy”. Here’s our first one. Let’s see what you got. Bring it!

  • Bayliss

    Does someone want to be my girlfriend? I pay money.

  • Dom Barnes

    “And now, my ‘new goldfish’ impression.”

    “So I couldn’t find a hat, but then I went to put the trash out…”

    “I’d like to play a song called ‘bubble boy'”

    “I’ll show you who’s full of hot air!”

  • Paul Erickson

    “Ladies and Gentlemen,

    “Introducing the next generation of Tin Foil Hat: The Plastifoil Hat 2.0!


    “Thank you. Ladies and Gentlemen, the government has created a new method of mind invasion technique. You can usually recognize when the government is trying to invade your mind. Here’s how: Look for a yellowish or cream-colored airborne mist or discoloration. Unless you are wearing your Plastifoil Hat, as I am demonstrating here, you run the risk of this mist entering through the ear canal. Once inside, the device will begin transmitting your thoughts to a local government office.

    “Our customers asked for a new feature, and we listened! Now if the mind invasion mist enters your head — that’s okay! — because wearing the 2.0 Plastifoil Hat means transmissions are blocked before they ever leave your skull! That’s right!

    “From now until February 31st, we are offering a special upgrade price of only…buh buh buh skeezikshmen blarghik hap hap hap saisy wok woo wok woo…”

  • Ralf

    “And I would hereby like to declare myself as candidate for pope!”

  • Ron Weech

    I’m the gayest man alive!

  • cB

    “see me, notice me don’t you wanna know me?”
    (or some other mc oriented skit line)

  • k1mb3rly

    “iboughtaplasticbag” for my head.

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