Uploading photos from your iPhone to Facebook

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Here’s another user question I received from iBAM reader, Khara. Seeing that I don’t have my iPhone yet, I thought I’d throw it out to you guys to chew on. Any help for Khara?

I have an iphone and facebook question. How do I send mobile uploads to facebook from my iphone? Sure, sounds like it would be easy, just e-mail to photos@facebook.com or notes@facebook.com. However, when I send a photo to photos@facebook.com, it sends through my e-mail on my phone, so a message from facebook gets sent to me that reads:

“Sorry, we cannot support uploads sent via email. You sent from Yahoo. If you are sending from a phone, it must be configured to send directly.”

I googled my little heart out but couldn’t get the answer. Surely someone else has this problem.

Thanks for your time,


  • ben

    I'm wondering the camera icon at the far left just take photo and it will prompt you whether we want to upload the photos but how about the photos that I loaded into my iPhones and some photos that I took few days back I want to upload to facebook

  • Devavejay

    In the facebook app, on your wall u can upload pics, it let's you choose ones you had saved on your phone.

  • Frijolito

    There is a Camera Button on Facebook when you login at the top right. Click it, and you'll be able to upload directly from camera source or an existing photo in your album.

    Stop wasting time e-mailing, it just costs more on your phone bill.

    Good luck, hope this helped.

  • Chris

    Just download the Facebook App from the App Store. With the app you can post photos directly to your page without sending any emails. Plus you can do allot of other things that you can't really do in the iPhone version of Facebook on safari.

  • Jessica

    Check out MyPhone+. It's a new app the let you sync your iPhone contacts pictures and birthdays with Facebook.


  • uniqe

    ur all makin it sound so hard,, u cn actully upload pic directly 4m ur camara roll to ur facebook profile with out using email rubbish,, and it creates a file called mobile uploads

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  • http://twitter.com/kkirank Kiran Kumar

    All the answers above seem to be from the facebook point of view. Why can't iphone add FB in addition to Email, MMS? Android does it.

  • Mac Man

    Simple on your Facebook app go to photos (at your app menu at the bottom) there will be a camera in the top right letting you choose to take a photo or select from library

  • Tamara

    I am disgusted with all this un user friendly jargan!!! All I want to do is download my pictures from my iphone to my facebook account!!!! Can some please explain how to do this!. Thankyou so much!!!!!. tmarsel0@gmail.com

  • Chrisharacoombs

    I have an iPhone and I want to send photos from it to Facebook how am I suppose to do it

  • Maimalucy

    the comment from MacMan works perfect, just uploaded a pic

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