How to get your story on todays iBAM TalkCast

11 years ago in iBAM Podcast by Brent | 3 Comments

iBAM Podcast

Want to get your story or blog post on the iBAM TalkCast? Head over to delicious and start tagging links with “iBAM” We’ll be looking grabbing stories for the podcast from your links.

If you want to see the complete list of delicious links tagged with iBam, just check out the iBam Tag.

Don’t forget about todays podcast, happening LIVE tonight at 9PM eastern at TalkCast.

  • Kenny Saunders

    Grrr, I’m going to have to miss another one. I’ve got a soccer game tonight, which should be quite hilarious.

  • Ted Byars

    I ran errand and didn’t make it back in time, I listen to it tomorrow 🙁

  • Brent

    Kenny, no worries, maybe on the next one…

    Ted… thanks! let us know what you thought


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