iBAM TalkCast #2 – Special Guest: Shaun Andrews

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Tonight’s TalkCast featured a list of links sent over from Universal (Nick), a bunch of banter from me and a special guest Shaun Andrews who, if we are lucky, will be a regular on the show from now on. This show went a lot smoother than the last as I have been practicing a bit on my end and I just got a brand spankin new Sampson CO3U USB Mic. It made a world of difference! So much so, my fat beagle, Max, felt the need to chime in a couple times and give his opinion. Once again, it was a ton of fun and I look forward to the next one in 2 weeks. Set your calendars and reminders for May 30th @ 6pm (PST) – The day after my birthday, woo hoo!

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  • http://universal.tumblr.com Universal

    I totally missed the live TalkShoe, argh!

    Anyway, the show is looking good [better], I’m sure the iBAM TalkCast will expand into something bigger.
    Another suggestion is to have show notes organized by time. For instance, if you are talking about a certain story like “iPhone travels to space” and show the time in which the topic appears;

    For example:

    1. iPhone travels to space (26:32)
    [insert show notes here…]

    2. Apple acquires Google (07:55)
    [insert show notes here…]


    Keep up the great work! 😀

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