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It’s time! iBAM needs an official logo, a real nifty something that will compliment Derek’s beautiful design for this site and give us all something we can be proud of and wear on a T-shirt or something (Hint, hint … t-shirts coming soon after?). The Shuffle contest was so much fun that I have decided to crank it way up a notch and make the development of a logo into a competition just to show off some of the talent we have out there in iBAM’s blogosphere. With all the excitement around the Apple TV, it seemed a perfect fit for such a prestigious occasion, so I will be giving away an Apple TV to the winning entry chosen by our judges. As if that isn’t enough to get you excited, I am extremely stoked to announce that we have a panel of “celebrity” judges to make the final decision on the winner. So before we get to the rules, let’s meet the judges:

Derek Punsalan
Author of 5ThirtyOne.com, and co-author of UNEASYsilence , Derek is the original designer of the iBAM WordPress theme. Derek is well known for his design sense, Mac fluency, and general mastery of all things tech. He has received countless recognition for his MySpace and WordPress themes as well as his design for sites on the web. Often imitated, never duplicated, Derek is a one of a kind individual that adds a valuable voice to our judges panel.

Justine Ezarik
Best known for her “Mommy Pack My Lunch” viral videos and her daily blog “ Tasty Blog Snack“. Justine is a designer from PA that shows up just about anywhere online in the various social communities that populate it. Co-host of MacBreak and GeekRiot, she will do just about anything (within reason) that she is dared to do for the sake of viral publicity. Justine lends a tasteful eye to the judges panel and a welcome opinion.

Paul Stamatiou
Possessing one of the most popular blogs on the internet, Paul is a current college student and former Yahoo intern on a direct course for silicon valley with a certified ticket to the top. Mac enthusiast and admitted Mac addict. Paul has been known to go through withdrawal when he is separated from his MacBook for too long thus making him a valuable addition to us here at iBAM. As an avid technophile, Paul’s voice will be an experienced, well known and knowledgeable addition to this judges panel.

Kenny Saunders
Well known across the Internet for his award winning CSS designs and creative flair when it comes to innovative web design, Kenny dabbles in a whole lot of different disciplines. A designer by trade, programmer at heart and all around gifted geek. Most of you have seen his work on the screens of your palm device or cell phone. He is a true innovator and brings a talented eye for design to this panel of judges.

Shaun Andrews
As talented a coder as he is a designer, Shaun developed his unique style of design by sitting under some of the most creative minds in the business. A founding member of Molehill, makers of Tick, a sleek and powerful time and budget tracking application, Shaun is defining design trends daily. He currently works with a wide range of clients, from progressive internet companies like Scrapblog to Ivy League Institutions like Cornell University. Shaun brings a hip and talented set of credentials to the judges panel.

Jonathan Snook
Jonathan hails from Ottawa, Canada and when he’s not polishing off the next award winning site at Sidebar Creative, you can find him hanging out at home with the ‘fam, posting pictures to his flickr, reading his news feeds or writing for Sitepoint, Apress, Digital Web Magazine or his blog. A well-read and frequent speaker on web design, development, usability and programming, Jonathan is known abroad for being a powerhouse behind the keyboard. Jonathan touts an impressive resume that definitely doesn’t need this sort of an introduction.

Dan Rubin
“Oozing with talent”” is possibly the best way to describe Dan as he can’t be held to just design. A designer by day and performer by night, he is probably best known for his work on Blogger, the CSS Zen Garden, Yahoo! Small Business and Microsoft’s ASP.net portal. Dan is a contributing author to several published works (too numerous to mention here) on CSS and web standards. An inspirational writer and podcaster, Dan resides in South Florida and hangs his work up to dry at webgraph.com.

Nicole Wopperer
Nicole is a founding partner and chief designer of RareEdge Design Group in Rochester, NY. She helps bring us those useful nifty little apps such as Twitteroo, Rurl, 9 Minutes of Fame and GMobileSync. Known best for her sarcasm and lightning quick wit, Nicole has amassed quite a following on Twitter as well as many other Internet hangouts. Nicole brings another much needed and very experienced female voice to the judges panel.

Cali Lewis
Known across the Internet as the fun-loving, effervescent host of GeekBrief.tv, Cali’s daily podcast is viewed and listened to by millions worldwide and she has most recently been spotted in the current round of GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Commercials. There’s hardly a geek toy or tool that Cali hasn’t had her hands on. She brings a voice of fun and geek mastery to the judges panel. A welcome participant indeed.

Steve Smith
It’s hard living life at the top of the design food chain, but Steve does it with a class and flair that we can all hope to attain. Steve lives with his wife, son, and a few miscellaneous animals in South Bend, Indiana. He spends his days working as an independent web designer/developer/consultant, and runs his personal and business website at orderedlist.com. Running one of the most linked to sites on the net as well as a profound designer, Steve does his darnedest to convince his friends (and the rest of us) that web standards should be a way of life.

Brent Spore
I’m in here just to feel important. I actually wanted to have at least some say in the final logo, but honestly, I will leave the final decision to all of the other judges. Okay, so… I’m a geek, born in Seattle, living in Phoenix, own a Mac and have a blog about Mac stuff. I have been a multimedia designer for over 15 years. Founder of Synergy, Creative Director of TCS, Social Media evangelist and blah, blah, blah…

The Rules:

  1. Entries must be submitted by April 14th, 2007 at 11:59pm (PST) for selection the following week.
  2. Final design should be scalable for printing (vector image preferred).
  3. Logo needs to work as a favicon (or have a complimentary favicon design included in the submission).
  4. Logo must be easy to print on a t-shirt or have a complimentary version included in the submission. (limited number of colors, vector prefered, etc.)
  5. Must compliment and accent iBAM’s current design and color set.
  6. Designers can submit up to 3 designs for entry into the competition.
  7. Watermarked submissions are okay, but we promise not to use any submissions without the designer’s permission other than publishing it on our Flickr page.
  8. Logo must not contain any previously copyrighted elements that would get us in trouble with their subsequent creator(s).
  9. Winning designer must release ownership to iBAM upon selection.
  10. All entries will be visible via our flickr page throughout the duration of the contest and archived there for posterity once the competition is over.

Send your entries to logocontest@iboughtamac.com, marked accordingly (i.e. “iBAM Logo Contest” in the subject line of your email). Please be sure your submission is large enough so that the judges can see the detail in your design.

Disclaimer: I (and the judges) reserve the right to remove any or all entries and conduct this contest as we see fit. I am an honest person with no hidden motives. I have one Apple TV, it’s new and I want to give it away to one lucky designer. Please don’t try to “abuse the system”. This is a friendly promotional exercise to help spread the word about iboughtamac.com as well as build the community. You don’t need to ruin the fun for anyone by exploiting some sort of loophole. I’m not the state lottery. I’m just a guy trying to spread the word about this site. Please be considerate, Thank you!

The Shuffle contest was so much fun and I can’t even explain how much more excited I am about this one. Feel free to comment or email if you have any questions, we’ll keep this post updated as questions come in.

I want to take a quick moment to thank all the judges for participating. Please subscribe to their feeds (if you don’t already) and show your support for all their endeavors. They truly do enrich the Internet community and I am deeply honored to have their support here on iBAM. My deepest thanks to all who have joined in as well as those who are about to submit. You rock! As you could expect, we can’t wait to see your submissions. Let the logo contest begin!

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  • Daryl

    Sounds very cool. Getting to work straight away! 😀

  • minxlj

    Whether people agree with this type of competition or not, I think it’s important to see both sides: http://www.creativelatitude.com/articles/article_200604_ns.html


    Typically, a contest sponsor puts out a call for a design project, along with its rules and requirements. It solicits original material to be used for their benefit, while offering the winner anything from cash or prizes to publicity or simply the promise of future work or referrals. This differs from design industry competitions that judge previous created, often published, work.

    Stripping away the the smoke and mirrors, what’s at issue here is the fact that the sponsor receives the benefit of the entrants’ work, often for a paltry sum, if any. In addition, most contests’ fine print stipulates that all entries become the property of the sponsor. The artist or designer, by creating the work and submitting it, is transferring all their inherent intellectual property rights in the work to the sponsor.

    It’s important to note that it’s doubtful the majority of contest or competition sponsors approach their contents with idea of exploiting the creative community. Many begin their overviews with something like, “We thought it would be fun …,” or, “We wanted to give designers the chance to show their work …,” etc. However, without communication and education put forth by the design community and its supporters, this trend toward disposable design will continue. As it grows it reinforces the notion that the solutions designers develop – ideas and concepts expressed in tangible forms such as logos and other design items – are simple to create commodities of little value.

    Consider an employer seeking to fill a position. They place an ad. “At Acme Widgetwonders, Inc., we’re looking for a top-notch employee. One who can deliver the goods for us by producing great work. We thought it would be fun to dispense with formalities of boring interviews. So, come on in, pull up a cubicle and work for us for a couple of weeks for free. If we like what you do, we’ll hire you. And here’s the best part. In lieu of a salary, we’ll put your name on every widget we make. You’ll be famous!” How many quality potential employees do you think will show up for work the next day?

  • http://phil.electricweekend.com Phil Bowell

    Great stuff. As if I needed another design brief to contend with! Ah Man!

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  • http://pomomusings.com Adam Walker Cleaveland

    And I thought my contest was giving away cool prizes…

    An Apple TV?! Very NICE!

  • http://www.rinzable.com Rinzor

    Go Nicky Go!

  • http://www.iboughtamac.com Brent


    All I can say is I agree wholeheartedly with the article’s message that some logo contests have the potential to be exploitive and damaging to the design community. As much as it sounds as if that is what I am doing here, I assure you it is not. This is nothing more than a friendly competition by your choice. I am a brand designer myself and I do place a high value on my work, but I design because I love to, not just because I am paid to. I look at it more like a person who plays a sport professionally (or anything for that matter). They will most likely play that sport with friends for no pay just because they like to play. I look at this contest in the same way. iBAM contains in it’s community a collection of creative individuals like myself that love what they do. Here is a focused opportunity to showcase that talent and as an added bonus have a chance to win a fairly substantial prize. I am more than capable of designing my own logo, but that is against the point. This is a community site focused on Mac owners. I want the community to have part as well as say in what happens within these virtual walls. Additionally, we run this site out of our own pocket here as a passion of our own. We are not a huge corporation looking for free work. I do, however, understand the premise of the article, but it was not my intention at all to “pimp” out the design community in any way. We’re here to have fun, if you’re not going to have fun designing the logo, don’t do it, simple as that!

    I do want to applaud you for taking your stand and that’s why I published your comment. I do agree with the article and in the situations it was referring to, I stand with you. I do believe this is a different situation, whether you agree with me or not. Possibly you would have gone about this contest differently, but I want to assure you, there is in no way an exploitation or selfish motivation in this contest, however faint the appearance of one may seem. I can’t be any more honest than what I have posted in the rules and in this comment. I truly believe this is a different situation than the examples put forth in the article and I will stand my ground here. This is a community building exercise with no desire for my own personal gain. And that is that!

    Please don’t get me wrong, I am not attacking you as I do understand you are only trying to show another point of view and that is what makes this form of communication so great. Thank you for your post and I do hope that mine has explained my intentions behind all of this in response. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your voice, I do hope to hear from you again soon.


  • Joel

    good contest. it’s on.

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  • http://www.iboughtamac.com Brent

    I wanted to give a big shout out and welcome to our newest judge, Cali Lewis from GeekBrief.tv – Welcome to the crew Cali, thanks for jumping in!

  • http://www.theblacknail.com Cory Basil

    sounds tempting…

  • Lee Taylor

    Just say NO to Spec Work! And designers wonder why clients scoff at fees?!

  • http://jeremywatt.com Jeremy

    Part of me doesn’t like spec work, part of me thinks “how is something like this any different from the Threadless.com competitions”, part me wants a AppleTV, part of me is going to submit a logo.

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  • http://eric.zooco.com.ph ericzoo

    Not even the IMac logo or apple logo is allowed?

  • http://www.iboughtamac.com Brent

    I think that would be copyright infringement if we used the apple logo. I think ti would be okay if we were to just have it on the site, but if we turned this design into anything for sale like t-shirts then we could get in trouble. I’m not a 100% sure on this point though.

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  • http://www.gerasidis.gr Manolis Gerasidis

    I really don’t understand why my submission was not accepted. But it’s ok.
    The thing that really annoyed me was that Brent didn’t even bother
    to reply to my e-mails asking why my submission didn’t make it to the
    contest’s Flickr page. I think this is almost riude.
    So if anybody wants to check it out, here it is:

  • http://www.iboughtamac.com Brent

    Don’t hang me just yet. I didn’t reply because I never saw them. The judging isn’t finished yet, so I sent an email to the judges with your link. I’m so sorry! I promise I wasn’t picking on you, I honestly never saw any of your emails or submissions till just now.


  • http://www.gerasidis.gr Manolis Gerasidis

    Brent, i didn’t mean to “hang” you. I just couldn’t understand why my e-mails were ingored.

  • http://www.gerasidis.gr Manolis Gerasidis

    The only problem now is that many of the contestants will think that i saw their designs (the box with the mac inside, for instance) and stole them. Which is not true. At the time i made my designs and sent them to you there were only about 14-15 submissions.

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