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Firefox 2

Keeping true to the tradition of keyboard shortcut posts, here’s another essential list compiled off of the Firefox website. Those of you that are massive Firefox fans like me, know that having a reference list of useful keyboard shortcuts is important. Here, I have compiled a list of most of the Firefox keyboard shortcuts and what they do. Hopefully you will find these as useful as you did the “Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in OS X“. Here they are:

  • Cmd + D — Add Bookmark
  • Backspace — Back
  • Cmd + <- — Back
  • Cmd + B — Bookmarks
  • F7 — Caret Browsing
  • Cmd + W — Close Tab
  • Cmd + F4 — Close Tab
  • Cmd + Shift + W — Close Window
  • Alt/Option + F4 — Close Window
  • Ctrl + Enter — Complete .com Address (Location Bar Only)
  • Shift + Enter — Complete .net Address (Location Bar Only)
  • Ctrl + Shift + Enter — Create new tab (Location Bar Only)
  • Cmd + C — Copy
  • Cmd + X — Cut
  • Cmd + - — Decrease Text Size
  • Shift + Del — Delete Individual Form Auto Complete Form
  • Cmd + Shift + I — Dom Inspector
  • Cmd + J — Downloads
  • Cmd + G — Find Again
  • F3 — Find Again
  • ' — Find As You Type Link
  • / — Find As You Type Text
  • Cmd + Shift + G — Find Previous
  • Shift + F3 — Create new tab
  • Cmd + F — Find in This Page
  • Cmd + -> — Forward
  • Down — Go Down One Line
  • Up — Go Up One Line
  • PageDown — Go Down One Page
  • PagegUp — Go Up One Page
  • End + T — Bottom of Page
  • Home + T — Top of Page
  • Cmd + H — History
  • Alt/Option + Home — Home Page
  • Cmd + + — Increase Text Size
  • F6 — Move to Next Frame
  • Shift + F6 — Move to Previous Frame
  • Cmd + T — New Tab
  • Cmd + Option + Tab — Next Tab
  • Cmd + N — New Window
  • Cmd + O — Open File
  • Enter/Return — Open Link
  • Shift + Enter/Return — Open Link in New Window
  • Cmd + I — Page Info
  • Cmd + U — Page Source
  • Cmd + V — Paste
  • Cmd + Shift + Tab — Previous Tab
  • Cmd + PageUp — Previous Tab
  • Cmd + P — Print
  • Cmd + Shift + Z — Redo
  • F5 — Reload
  • Cmd + R — Reload
  • Shift + F5 — Reload (Override Cache)
  • Cmd + Shift + R — Reload (Override Cache)
  • Cmd + 0 — Restore Text Size
  • Cmd + S — Save Page As
  • Alt/Option + Enter/Return — Create new tab
  • Cmd + A — Select All
  • Cmd + L — Select Location Bar
  • Down — Select Next Auto-Complete Entry in Text Field
  • Up — Select Previous Auto-Complete Entry in Text Field
  • Cmd + Down — Select Next Search Engine in Search Bar
  • Cmd + Up — Select Previous Search Engine in Search Bar
  • Cmd + [1 to 9] — Select Tab [1 to 9]
  • Esc — Stop
  • Spacebar — Toggle Checkbox
  • Cmd + Z — Undo
  • Cmd + K — Web Search

It’s a lot to remember so be sure to bookmark this page. We hope you find these shortcuts useful as well as time-saving while you surf.

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  • evden eve nakliyat

    very nice informations…thanks..

  • Howard

    Does any one know how to turn off the Cmd-Left Arrow to go back in the history? This kills me when I’m editing a Wiki page and loose my data.

  • Cal Gal

    What a pity Firefox doesn’t have page up/down shortcuts that work with the standard Mac keyboard. I personally don’t want to carry an extra extended keyboard with the pageup/pagedown keys.

    But much thanks for pulling together the list.

  • Servireee

    Hey! Can anyone exlain to me how and where I can find the home key?! To go back to the home page it says press “alt/option + home”. I don’t know which key the home key is on the mac keyboard.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Dispencer

    CalGal, use the spacebar to page down, SHIFT+spacebar to page up.

  • zemm

    Or use Fn-Up/Down for Page Up/Down!

    BTW a few of these are wrong. eg, Control-Tab switches between tabs

  • Dan

    Servireee: Fn + Opt + left-arrow
    This gets you to your home page

  • Arjan

    The problem: within some editors, such as TinyMCE, Firefox (on a MacBook) will handle Cmd-Left as “go back one page” rather than “go to the start of the current line”. Likewise, Cmd-Right will take you forward a page, but as in most cases there won't be a page to forward to, this often results in moving the cursor to the end of the current line after all.

    To see the effect: go to and from that page go forward to Examples, and then forward to Documentation. Now, go back one page. Back in the Examples change some text and hit Cmd-Left while the cursor is still within the editor. Firefox will take you back yet another page, loosing any changes you made. Here Safari would set the cursor to the start of the current line. Likewise, for Cmd-Right Firefox takes you forward to Documentation, where Safari would move the cursor to the end of the current line.

    The solution is simple: use the add-on “keyconfig” from… After installing go to menu Tools, Keyconfig and choose Disable for the combination “Back: Cmd + Left Arrow”. Likewise disable “Forward: Cmd + Right Arrow”. That's all. To navigate use Cmd-[ and Cmd-].

    And if you don't want Delete/Backspace to take you the previous page when your cursor happens to be outside a textbox: see… (which you could probably also do using keyconfig by disabling the combination “Back: Backspace”).

  • davyia

    Wow…. had a couple of “aha” moments just now – thanks for the list!

  • NeOnD

    HOME Key: Option + Command + Left Arrow
    END Key: Option + Command + Right Arrow

  • Galardi

    Since it hasn’t been posted yet (finally got an apple wireless keyboard to replace the original extended board for my old G5 and had to figure this out):

    COMMAND + Up Arrow = HOME key function ( jump to top of page)

    COMMAND + Down Arrow = END key function ( jump to bottom of page)

  • Chris Ott

    Thanks for the spacebar tip! I feel relieved now

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